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Happy birthday, Macintosh!
It's hard to believe that the Mac is now 20 years old.

What's even more amazing to me is that someone whose only computer experience was with a Macintosh 128 running that first release of the Macintosh System Software would be right at home with a dual-2GHz PowerMac G5 running the latest release of Mac OS X.

It's also interesting to see how Apple has maintained their price point:

Macintosh 128Power Macintosh G5
8 MHz 680002 GHz PowerPC 970 (two)
400KB floppy700MB/4.3GB optical
No hard disk160GB hard disk
9-inch black and white display (512x342)17-inch LCD color display (1280x1024)
No dedicated graphics hardware64MB graphics accelerator
230.4Kbps LocalTalk1Gbps Ethernet
One mouse button (it's all you need)One mouse button (it's all you need)
$2495 (1984 dollars)$2533 (1984 dollars)
That's adjusting for inflation over the past two decades, of course.

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I think you meant:
One mouse button (it's all Steve says you need)

Moore's Law and the Mac

A manual trackback for you: Slashdot comment (

And in the future...?

I posted this item to my blog about Mac hardware evolution, which includes arrogant estimates for 2013 and 2023. :-)

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