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Auto-incremented Number Not Meaningless

I'd like to submit that an auto-incremented build number (for every time you build) is not meaningless. Consider this scenario (which I work with regularly):

Suppose you're working with a group of beta testers who don't all follow the same schedule; some get builds every now and again, some get builds all at the same time with everyone else. If someone asks for a build, I want to be able to fire off a build as quickly as possible that's easily distinguishable from every other build. An auto-increment would help with this. agvtool does next to nothing for me here, because if the purpose is for semi-major release, that's not what I would want... these are just very incremental, testing-only builds.

Just my 2 cents.

Re: Auto-incremented Number Not Meaningless

Thanks, this was very informative :)

Almost two years after this post and it just helped me expliain why one of our libraries can't decrement the version number without breaking pretty much everybody else who depends on that library.


In Xcode 3.2 (and possibly earlier versions) agvtool has moved to /Developer/usr/bin/agvtool thus the command is now:
agvtool next-version -all

iPad app version challenge

Dear Chris,

Thanks for the excellent post, i am just stuck at the moment with the version issue.

I am trying to distribute the enterprise app to my fellow colleagues. Whenever i try to download it on an ipad using the url. it loads the previous version instead of the new one. I did all the steps as per your blog, i also tried to clear all cache on server, restarted the services. but it still is sticking to the old version. any idea from where this might be coming?

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